Poetry by Jane Muschenetz

Selected Published Work

The Decadent Review,

January 2022

Remember when we all, collectively, agreed...?

They are studying the effects of gendering on language

and cultural norms...

When I close my eyes, the dishwasher...

We don't have a cow to forget to milk, instead

we have Instacart...

As a child trapped at the cutting board, surrounded

by boiled, rooted things (beets, carrots, potatoes...)

"This is poetry?!" English words are interlopers in my mother's mouth. They wear a disguise to fit in...

Uppagus, Winter 2021

Issue #49

The lemon tree extracts a price

For every fruit...

Quiet Lightning, Nov 2021


Issue 112

I know the pretty, paved road

you're traveling...

Meat For Tea, Fall 2021

Volume 15 Issue 3

At the start of everything

(Before you asked and I said Yes)...

Meat For Tea, Fall 2021

Volume 15 Issue 3

All my words are organic

The commas, free range...

Meat For Tea, Fall 2021

Volume 15 Issue 3 

Champagne and vinegar used to be

Polar opposites, but now...

they worked on the building behind our street,

for five months straight, two crews

took the old walls down to the studs,

replaced rotten wood with the sawmill smell of possibility...

Post addiction

Former high-school beauty...

I am trying to remember

what we talked about at dinner

It felt like a poem in the making

My 11-year-old son throws the gift of his boredom in my face

My 73-year-old mother wears the heavy silver of her loneliness like a funeral shroud

“Take it from me!” they cry.  God, if it were possible, I would...

It was the year none of us committed suicide
The year Abigail backtracked in her writing skills 
(never-mind learning cursive) 
And Jess learned to talk...


Animal Poems


Tiger eyes watch me
Be still, they say, 
You have no need for fear, 
You and I are not prey