Selected Work

Artwork + Poetry by Jane Muschenetz


Palm Frond Zoo

I went out on a walk one day,

Around the neighborhood.

On my street, where palm trees sway

I found a piece of wood. 


It used to be a palm frond 

That grew high in the tree.

But now, it was in my way,

Here, on the ground, with me.


I moved the palm frond over

Without slowing my pace,

When, to my surprise, it looked at me

With a little creature’s face.


It had big, black, almond eyes

And an inky, puffy nose,

Grey fluffy ears and a smile.

Who was it, do you suppose?


It began with that Koala 

But that’s not how it ends.

Next time I went walking,

I discovered it had friends! 


Now a lion, horse, and owl,

A giraffe, ostrich and fox,

And a proud tiger prowl

In my home and never stop.


So here are words of wisdom

That I freely share with you:

Be careful when you go walking - 

You might bring home a zoo!



How to soar is a secret 

Priceless, yet free

And both of us know it

The eagle and me. 



Tiger eyes watch me

Be still, they say, 

You have no need for fear, 

You and I are not prey.



Bluebirds hop

and bluebirds sing

They SWISH their tails

and FLAP their wings

I will chase them in the sky, 

Soon as I learn how to fly!



The horse is a dancer, 

Grace, strength and speed

Are there inside her

Whenever she needs.


From Frond to Bird

All the animals on this site are painted on the fallen palm fronds I find in my San Diego neighborhood. This is an example of how the process looks from start to finish.



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