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Power Point Citations and Resources:

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Detailed sources supporting the data poems in my Power Point poetry collection are listed on this page. I hope you engage with the information and the topics they cover, interrogate their meaning, and draw your own conclusions about what they tell you.  


Wherever possible, I tried to use the most reliable publicly available data sources for my poems. I am not a professional scientist or sociologist, and, at times, it was frustrating not having access to more comprehensive data sets. (Apologies for any inadvertent oversights on my part.)  The very fact that some of the most “recent” available data on these issues is over 10 years old (as in #ME TOO) is telling. Nevertheless, I am sharing the facts and figures as I found them.

Links to sources

Point of Order

A. Chen, “Women Die More from Heart Attacks Than Men Unless ER Doc Is Female,” Scientific American, August 2018

B. Casteel, “Women Don’t Get to Hospital Fast Enough During Heart Attack,” American College of Cardiology, March 2015

A. Branigin, “Women 32% More Likely to Die Post-op if Their Surgeon is a Man,” The Washington Post, January 2022

“Gender inequality and harassment remain a challenge in surgery, 2018,” Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, September 2019 

Aashna Mehta, MD, et. al, "Gender representation in surgery: progress and challenges in recent years," National Library of Medicine, March 2023

V. Bolotnyy, N. Emanuel, “How Unpredictable Schedules Widen the Gender Pay Gap,” Harvard Business Review, July 2022 

“National Snapshot: Poverty among Women & Families,” National Women’s Law Center, 2021

Providing Unpaid Household and Care Work in the US,” Institute Women’s Policy Research, Brief Paper #C487, January 2020

K. Johnson, “At the Office, Unrewarded Work Often Falls to Women,” Boston Globe, July 2022 

L. Chukhno, “Why Women Hold 2/3rd of the Nation’s Student Debt,” Earnest, November 2021

“Maternal Mortality and Maternity Care in the US…,” Issue Brief, The Common Wealth Fund, November 2020

Senator Hattie Caraway (1932), Justice Sandra Day O-Connor (1981), Senator Carol Moseley Braun (1993), Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (2022)

T. LeFlouria, “Criminal Justice Reform Won’t Work Until It Focuses on Black Women,” Washington Post, February, 2021

100% Mom

S. Simmons-Duffin, C. Wroth, "Maternal deaths in the U.S. spiked in 2021," NPR, March, 2023

"Most pregnancy-related deaths are preventable," CDC Hear Her Campaign, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Reproductive Health, November 2022

Women's Health Fast Facts, CDC/National Center for Health Statistics, December 2023

M.Z. Gunja, E.D. Gumas, R.D. Williams II, The U.S. Maternal Mortality Crisis Continues to Worsen: An International Comparison, Common Wealth Fund, December 2022

A. Rosenberg, "Opinion: How many dead moms will it take to stop America's maternal mortality epidemic?" Washington Post, June 2023

“The World’s Women 2020 Trends and Statistics,” United Nations, October 2020

C. Clifford, "Global wealth inequality is ‘founded on sexism,’ says Oxfam International," CNBC, January 2020

Oxfam International Inequality Reports: 2020, 2021

Hard Work is not Enough: Women in Low-Paid Jobs, National Women's Law Center, July 2023

"Women Work More, But are Still Paid Less," International Labor Organization, 1995

E. H. Dyvik, Proportion of women in managerial positions worldwide 1991-2021, Statista

Global Gender Gap Report 2023, World Economic Forum, 2023

Low Point

“The SPM child poverty rate more than doubled, from 5.2 to 12.4 percent from 2021 to 2022,” Poverty in the United States: 2022, US Census, 2023

C. Turner, “The Expanded Child Tax Credit Briefly Slashed Child Poverty,” NPR, 2022

J. DeParle, “The Expanded Child Tax Credit Is Gone. The Battle Over It Remains,” NY Times, 2022,

Congress appropriated $1.7T in 2022 discretionary spending. The pandemic child tax credit expansion cost was ~$100B per year

"The Benefits and Costs of a U.S. Child Allowance," Columbia University Center on Poverty and Social Policy, 2022

Point Blank

K. Leach-Kemon, R. Sirull, S. Glenn, "On gun violence, the United States is an outlier," Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation, United Nations, October 2023 

M.McGough, K. Amin, N. Panchal, C. Cox, “Child and Teen Firearm Mortality in the U.S. and Peer Countries,”, Jul, 2023


CDC demographics data

Failure to Thrive

"The famous experiments that psychologist Harry Harlow conducted in the 1950s on maternal deprivation in rhesus monkeys were landmarks not only in primatology, but in the evolving science of attachment and loss.” The Adoption History Project Webpage, University of Oregon, 2024


Criminal Victimization Report, US Dept of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2022


US Census population count


“Lifetime Economic Burden of Rape Among US Adults,” Am. Journal of Preventative Medicine, 2017

Estimated economic cost applied the CDC 2014 lifetime cost of  $122.5K per victim to all rape victims (adult and minor) based on 2022 estimates from Dept of Justice.

“Preventing Sexual Violence,” Fast Facts, CDC, 2023


Pilot program effectiveness sourced from the “Sexual Violence Prevention Resource for Action Report,” CDC, 2016

Safety Points

"Safety Points..." and "When? Always" draw from text taken directly from the Desoto County Sheriff’s Office website in 2023.


The image signifies gender inclusivity and can also represent transgender, combining male and female symbols.

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