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Poetry & Prose by Jane Muschenetz

Selected Published Work

Speaking roughly, in terms of heat

generated per every human inch, you give

off more milliwatts...

Tint Journal, Spring 2024

Nobody knows anyone in this city, 

lets not het existential, I'm talking 

about the neighbors again....

Sheila-Na-Gig, Spring 2024

Tik-Tok Poetess! Try and stop
drowning in her image....

Writers Resist,Winter 2023

In terms of gun violence "comprehensive,"

US leads large economies by bounds and leaps...

Punctured Lines, Fall 2023

I want to tell you something small, in the great turning of this world, intimate as your grandmother’s soup. When you boil beets, carrots, and potatoes together, the potatoes will soften first, even if they are bigger than the other vegetables...

A Plate of Pandemic,
Summer 2023

How many times she almost destroyed herself, 

How she was nothing but molten, constantly...

Whale Road Review, Spring 2023, 
Nominated for Best of the Net,
2024 California Press Women Communications Prize, 2nd Place

Moms are 5 times more likely to die giving birth in the US

than moms in other, equally developed lands....

A Point of Order and 
Failure to Thrive

Meat for Tea, Volume 17, Issue 1
Spring, 2023, 
Nominated for Pushcart

In North America, a woman is...

Dr. Harlow's famous "Monkey Love" experiments showed...

Rise Up ReviewMarch, 2023

For your own good, they will say it's for your own good...

Writing in a Woman's VoiceFebruary 18-19, 2023

In this version of history, Marge...

When the doorbell rings, I think like a mother thinks, in tiny steps...

I don't need a closet full of Gucci, 

there are only so many Russian funerals I'm required to attend...

Teaching my immigrant mother to use Google, or "Spell to Find What You Seek," Sundays, and The Uterus Compulsion

1. Opening Scene: Grandmother's House...

The Goodlife Review

Honeybee Poetry Prize, Summer, 2022

Nominated for Pushcart and
Best of the Net

For those of us forced to flee, 

the world is forever shrinking down to a single question...

These bees in my garden are different bees...

Mom Egg Review, May 2022

Poem of the Month

Long before Reuters and BBC reporters signed off from it, Lviv Ukraine was my hometown, I knew it...

In the movies, villains have accents...

The word "physical" before "therapy," grants musculature...

Remember when we all, collectively, agreed...?

They are studying the effects of gendering on language

and cultural norms...

When I close my eyes, the dishwasher...

We don't have a cow to forget to milk, instead

we have Instacart...

As a child trapped at the cutting board, surrounded

by boiled, rooted things (beets, carrots, potatoes...)


Vol 20, December 2021

"This is poetry?!" English words are interlopers in my mother's mouth. They wear a disguise to fit in...


Issue #49, December 2021

The lemon tree extracts a price

For every fruit...

Quiet Lightning,


Issue 112, November 2021

I know the pretty, paved road

you're traveling...

Meat For Tea

Vol 15 Issue 3, Fall 2021

At the start of everything

(Before you asked and I said Yes)...

Meat For Tea,

Vol 15, Issue 3,Fall 2021

All my words are organic

The commas, free range...

Meat For Tea,

Vol 15, Issue 3, Fall 2021

Champagne and vinegar used to be

Polar opposites, but now...

Sheila- Na-Gig,

Fall 2021

they worked on the building behind our street, for five months straight, two crews...

SD Poetry Annual,
Spring 2021

Post addiction, 

former high-school beauty...

Animal Poems


Love is a warm house on a cold night

With windows full of golden light 

All are welcome there to stay

And I can help you find the way

Snowy Owl
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